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May. 12th, 2014

I'm trying. This place isn't dead! It's just...in a coma or something. Or in cold storage. Development hell. Or something.

I moved, see, and that's playing heck. Although also I'm struggling against apathy, not just towards this but towards a lot of things. I really hope to have this fixed.

An important notice

As you may have noticed if you've tried to order from me recently, I've been losing a bunch of items. There's stuff I just plain can't find, and stuff that turns up in places it shouldn't be. To remedy this, Blackjack Sales will be temporarily closing in order to recatalog and reorganize. This involves rephotographing everything as well as resorting and adding new items (I have quite a backlog).

Additionally, I'm going to start doing auctions on here! I hope you'll return in July to the new, improved Blackjack Sales.

A reminder and new rule

I AM STILL HERE! I know I haven't updated in a bit but I'm present and ready to ring up your purchases!

Though I do have a rule addition--OPENING A BOX IS CHEAPER TO SHIP BUT IF THE BOX WAS UNOPENED AT TIME OF SALE, I WILL REQUIRE YOU TO PURCHASE IT. Basically, because I can no longer sell it as a boxed whatever, I'm considering asking me to unbox something as a signed contract. I'll remind you of this when the situation arises, but if I unbox something for you and you never pay for it, it will be considered a broken contract. Obviously this doesn't apply to things that are in already-opened boxes or things that come in multipacks that I'm selling as individuals.

December 16 Update!

In Pokemon Misc:
-Pikachu Festival Mask
-Pokemon Ranger Game Guide
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team Guide

In Pokemon Manga, School, and Game Supplies:
-Gen V Metalic Pencils

In Pokemon Figurines:
-HUGE Unova Playset
-Probopass Clear Kid
-Happiny Clear Kid
-Elecvire Clear Kid
-Galade Kid
-Heatran Kid
-Infernape Kid
-Slaking Kid
-Regigigas Kid
-Fan Rotom Kid
-Magmortar Kid
-Rosarade Kid
-Deerling Kid
-Riolu Kid
-Sky Shaymin Kid
-Singing Meganium Kid
-Glacion Kid
-Milotic Kid
-Uxie Kid
-Drapion Kid

Sales Guidelines and Trades

Sales guidelines:
~I take cash and checks and paypal, and money orders if I know you. I can maybe be convinced to trade, but don't count on it. See below for trades.
~I can ship internationally, but you'll have to convert the rates yourself. Also, international orders MUST be made by paypal!
~Give me time--it takes me a while to get to the bank since it's not on the bus line. Shipping time may depend on the volume of orders--the post office *is* on the bus line, but if I have few orders I'll wait to see if I get more before I go (no more than a week).
~Shipping costs will be approximated--I have a cooking scale and this site, but that's it.
~I can take a picture of or provide more information on any single item upon request.
~Know that if you include a URL, even to one of the images on this site, anywhere in your comment, LJ will mark it as suspicious and there's a large chance that I won't recieve it. PLEASE try to avoid using links at all costs or else I may not get your request!

~As of recently (fall 2012-present), I've been having some emotional issues and may take a while to reply. Please be patient and maybe drop me some reminders. Thank you for your understanding.

Here's what I'm looking for if you'd rather trade:

Vileplume stuff
Team Rocket stuff
Team Galactic stuff
Tyranitar stuff
Dusknoir stuff
Chatot stuff
Torchic stuff (I tend to be pretty picky with these though)
Lugia/Revelation:Lugia stuff (TOP PRIORITY given to things involving Jirarudan. I'll shell out BIG TIME for stuff with him that I don't already have)
Character guides
Singaporean English Comics that I can't get in the US
Landmin stuff! Skymin can shove off.

Final Fantasy VI stuff
Datirimon stuff (from Digimon 02)
Oingo Boingo stuff (my favorite baaaaand!)
Stuff with African Grey Parrots on it

Feedback Post

Here's where you say what a great seller I am. Or not so great. Or if there was a problem that was out of both of our hands (ie, post office screwing up). Or anything regarding the actual sale and exchange of money/items.

Pictures of your new stuff are greatly appreciated! Also, if you came here via pkmncollectors, don't forget to fill out my feedback there, or here, on the alternate site!

Banned Users
heenz--two months went by and never recieved payment, refusal to reply to reminders
kurokitten87--Asked for total, then never replied again even after several months
thunderwolfcat--Asked for total, then never replied again even after several months--REPEAT OFFENDER
birdthecat--Asked for total, then never replied again, reminded several times over several months