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Blackjack Gabbiani

Pokémon Activities

Some may have box damage, but it will be ONLY the box unless otherwise stated.

DP Board Game (3)--10$
Specify upon ordering if you want box 1, 2, or 3, because apparently they're all different, but I'm not sure what the differences are (they all have identical boxwork)

DP 3D Puzzles! They have Darkrai on the box but the puzzles are the images shown.
Cute Pokemon (2)--5$
Middle Evo Starters (2)--5$

Learn Katakana with Pokémon! The specks are just stray flecks from the puzzle-making process and can be cleaned away.
Katakana puzzle--15$

Learn English with Pokémon! A closeup.
English puzzle--15$

Learn Hiragana with Pokémon! A closeup and another closeup.
Hiragana puzzle--15$

Pokemon Dai Gyakuten Coin Flip game (8)--8$

Korean puzzles!
-Main characters--5$
-Starters and Legends--5$

Victini Movie Bingo-style Game; sealed with candy--5$

Sky Shaymin (3 2)--15$
Regigigas (2 1)--15$
Origin Giratina (1)--15$

Pokepark Teacup Ride--10$
Part of a buildable set.

Piplup bundle (2) (1)--6$
Blue bundle (2 1)--6$
Red bundle with blue stickers (2)--6$
Blue bundle with orange stickers (1)--6$

Johto standard origami--8$
Johto small origami--7$

Loose origami sheets! 1$ each or all seven for 5$
Gift tags--3$

Origami book--18$

Colosseum game! I don't know if this has all the parts, so REDUCED COST! Only 3$!

This is called Pokémon Get Smart Ball. No, it doesn't come with a shoe phone. Again, I don't know if it has all the parts, so also 3$

More magazine inserts! I don't know much about them since they're unopened, but they have all the parts and also have many many other series represented. Although what, I can't tell you. Specify which one you want when you buy.
Magazine inserts of Pokémon and various series--7$
Buy them all for 25!

The box shows the whole setup with all the kits together--you will NOT get the box art from the single box I have for sale. Chimchar's part seems to be a waterwheel.
Castle set with Chimchar--10$

Battle Jungle playset! As with the above, each box is one part of it, and the picture on the front is all four boxes combined.
Eevee box--10$
Heracross box--10$
Entei box--10$
Croconaw box--10$

Called "Diamond and Pearl" but has Sky Shaymin and Origin Giratina. Go figure
Blue notebook--5$
Yellow notebook--5$

These are from the original GSC release!
Bellossom (3)--10$

32 page ex Power Keepers promo notebook! Back cover Inside pages
Power Keepers notebook--10$

Black and White: Best Wishes coloring book! Sample pages.--13$

ShoPro movie 13 notebook (x2)--7$

Gold/Silver Activity Book (HAS SOME WRITING)-8$

BW Learn English Book--10$

Korean DP Coloring Book (inside)
Blue Book, Pink Book --8$ Each

Table of Contents, Glory Day, Type: Wild
Pokemon Piano Solo Album sheet music--30$

Patrat Retsuden--4$

Lugia Mini-CDROM--3$

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