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Sales comm for blackjackrocket

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Sales guidelines:
~I take cash and checks, and money orders if I know you. I may be convinced to trade, but don't count on it. Also, I'm taking Paypal on a PROVISIONAL BASIS, calculated with this site.
~I can ship internationally, but you'll have to convert the rates yourself.
~Give me time--it takes me a while to get to the bank since it's not on the bus line. Shipping time may depend on the volume of orders--the post office *is* on the bus line, but if I have few orders I'll wait to see if I get more before I go (no more than a week).
~Shipping costs will be approximated--I have a cooking scale and this site, but that's it.
~I can take a picture of or provide more information on any single item upon request.

For more information see the first post